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Welcome to the ST. JOHN & ASSOCIATES, LLC (SJALLC) website. You will find here information about SJA services, Michael's articles on property management and housing regulation, links to related websites for resources, and other information about St. John & Associates and housing regulation.


Our services fall into several distinct categories:


  • Property Management Consulting for Berkeley property owners: rent control, tenants-in-common ownership, zoning applications, and condominium conversions.

  • Economic Analysis focused on housing regulations with an emphasis on mobile home parks and expert witness services in lawsuits involving fair return on investment.

  • Alternative dispute resolution (Mediation) Services for families, couples, landlords and tenants, and others who would like to resolve conflicts and find compassionate, peaceful ways of living and working together.


St. John & Associates, LLC - About Our Team:

Consulting In a regulatory environment that is comprehensive, ever-changing, and strongly pro-tenant, it is our mission to provide knowledgeable, principled consultation and representation to property owners and managers in Berkeley.


Michael St. John, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience with the Berkeley housing market and rent control issues, and was a member of the Rent Stabilization Board in 1981 and 1982. At the same time, as an economist, Michael works to clarify the underlying economic issues and, through advocacy, to influence public policy in ways that reduce the imbalance inherent in most rent control ordinances. In addition, being trained in mediation, Michael attempts to find peaceful ways of addressing the conflicts that come up in his consulting work.


Andrew W. Fingado is a licensed real estate broker (CA DRE License #01926267) and a real estate investor who joined SJALLC in 2019. With over 10 years of experience as a property manager, Andrew is a creative, solution-oriented consultant who advises clients on rent control issues, the leasing process, and helps them maximize the value of their property.


Marti Dion has over 12 years of experience managing senior housing and is well-versed with the complexities of a highly regulated housing market. Having joined SJALLC in 2018, Marti assists housing providers with understanding Berkeley rent regulations, provides guidance at administrative hearings with the Rent Stabilization Board, and assists landlords with tenant negotiations and mediation.















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