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  • Property Management Consulting

    We consult on property management issues in Berkeley, California:  rent control, zoning issues, purchase and sale of multiple unit property, tenants-in-common ownership, tenant negotiations, and condominium conversions. We apply detailed knowledge of the Berkeley regulatory environment to questions and problems as they arise, with an eye to maximizing long run property value. We assist property owners in drafting rental agreements and other documents that conform to the regulations. We manage rent control hearings and tenant negotiations. We brainstorm with property owners to create strategic plans designed to maximize the long run financial potential of their Berkeley property.


  • Economic Analysis
    Michael performs economic analysis when required in regulatory contexts. One focus is on the regulation of mobile home parks. In this context, we prepare rent increase applications and backup materials supporting park owners’ entitlements. Michael also advises California cities and counties about adopting or structuring rent control ordinances and about specific rent increase applications. Another focus is expert witness testimony in lawsuits involving fair return on investment. Michael has appeared as an economist in several fair return lawsuits. His report “Fair Return and the California Courts” defines the fair return concept in its California context and forms the theoretical ground on which his economic analysis of particular cases is based.

  • Mediation
    Michael is turning his attention to alternative dispute resolution. He has completed two years of training in the Mediate Your Life program created by Ike Lasater and John Kinyon. He has also completed the Basic Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training of the Redwood Empire Conflict Resolution Service (RECOURSE) and is available to Recourse as a volunteer mediator in their Sonoma County alternative dispute resolution program. Michael is available for private mediations in Mendocino County involving family, inheritance, property, and other disputes. His mediation philosophy, significantly influenced by the principles of NonViolent Communication (NVC), emphasizes that mutual compassionate understanding can lead to collaborative solutions in even the most difficult interpersonal situations.


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